Saturday, 28 May 2011

Veena Malik miraculously survives car crash


Pakistani actress has miraculously survived a car crash recently. The Bigg Boss 4 contestant has said that she escaped the accident unhurt without even getting a single scratch.

Pakistani media reported that Veena Malik was injured in an accident while she was on her way to Lahore from Islamabad and she is recovering well. Reacting to the report, the actress cleared the speculations by saying that those are not true and she is fine.

"I didn't even get a single scratch. It was a miracle. If you see the car I was travelling in, you'd think everyone in it had perished. The vehicle is completely mangled. But I escaped totally unhurt, and so did the people who were with me. I think there's a guardian angel who is watching over me.", the Times of India quoted the actress as saying.

Veena Malik will be in Mumbai in a couple weeks for her upcoming Bollywood movie. The actress has signed three projects in succession



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