Saturday, 26 January 2013

Rohit Khari - An International Model! Biography and Exclusive Photos

International Model! Hardworking , Dedicated and above all a True Gentleman


Dashing Looks, Awesome Physique, Mesmerizing Appeal .... with Big Golden Heart !

Always Fun to be with friends, Amazing Respect for all the people around him.
Respectful to all relationships, Loving Son,Loving Brother n the Best to Friends.

He is a great friend, and an even human being. Always there for people when they need him.


Rohit Khari - The Model
Focused and Dedicated!
Assistant Director
Interior Designer
Perfect Dancer

Rohit, a 21 year old from Delhi, is pursuing architecture from Swinburn University in Melbourne. He is a cool and chilled out guy who does not believe in tricks and techniques when it comes to picking up girls. He goes for the direct approach, and claims to have had great success using it.



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