Thursday, 9 June 2011

Inspector Daya to get married in CID

CID of Sony is quite a serious crime investigating serial, without tracks of the couple falling in love and the squabbles of the saas-bahu sagas. For over ten years now the serial has remained so and have had some loyal viewers, but now there is going to be a party and a celebration of love in the serial. Senior Inspector Daya will soon be seen marrying the girl named Ansha, whom he saved in the last week’s episode.

While the marriage will be a lavish one, but there will be a twist to it, as ACP Pradhyuman will put forth the option of choosing the team of CID and of marrying Ansha. Daya will be shocking the entire CID team with his decision of marrying Ansha. But the twist in the plot doesn’t end there as a new plot and mystery will unravel as the wedding of Daya and Ansha ends.

This week while Daya and Ansha will come closer and a love story will start, but on the other hand CID will find out that Ansha’s cousin Bunty is involved in a crime. This knowledge of the CID will lead them to oppose the marriage between Daya and Ansha.

The role of Ansha is essayed by Melanie Paris, the girl who played the role of the grown up Kashi in Imagine’s serial named Kashi. No confirmation of the news of Daya and Melanie getting married on CID was received from these two actors.



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