Sunday, 5 June 2011

'Jersey Shore' Season 4 Premieres on August 4th

Lots of people believed the reason why the fourth season of Jersey Shore was filming in Italy was because it was going to be the series' last season, and producers wanted to see how well they'd do in the ratings if the gang was transported to the place in the world that is supposedly the origin of all their crazy behaviors. 

The cast members themselves hinted that they didn't plan on doing the show forever, and so the trip to Europe seemed to convey that after filming had wrapped, the cast was all going to go their separate ways and pursue their own reality shows (which most of them have been awarded). 

But the good news (in addition to the fact that season 4 premieres on August 4th, which happens to be rather soon) is that MTV producers are hoping to begin production of season 5 this month. However, TMZ is reporting that the cast doesn'tknow they're scheduled to shoot a fifth season so soon -- they were originally told the fifth season would be shot in August, and they all booked club appearances for July to make some more money. The producers' plans are to take everyone back to Seaside Heights in late June, which will probably make the cast really angry because a) they won't get a break in between seasons, b) they won't get to make extra money at the clubs, and c) they haven't packed enough clothing to go straight from Italy back to Seaside. If MTV holds its ground and doesn't allow the cast a month's break between seasons, the cast could demand serious salary bumps, which MTV would probably grant. That is, after all, how the "core group" got their salaries raised to $100,000 per episode for this season.



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