Friday, 10 June 2011

Sitting on fast Ramdev's health deteriorated, was rushed to hospital

7-day fast from sitting on the yoga guru Baba Ramdev's feeling poorly due to the administration Haridwar Dehradun them without their consent taken for hospitalization. Given the administration's health without their consent Baba them decided to go to the hospital.

Baba on the way to the hospital Anbulenc glucose were plated. Doctors said that Baba will be immediately admitted to the ICU. Because of heavy traffic to the hospital to Baba was also a problem. Anbulenc a team of doctors who are taking care of Baba.
Doctors told to check after the break fast to Baba, but he stands by his stubbornness and, he says, until the government asks them not Amagegee Torege it not fast, even his life for it, why not go away.
Haridwar before Baba's chief medical officer Yogesh Sharma told reporters after the routine check that Baba's body fat is now engaged melting is extremely harmful. Dr Sharma said that it could reach Baba irreparable damage to the brain. He weighs 58.5 kg Baba has become alarming decline in blood pressure.
He Ramdev morning blood pressure measured 104/70 and his pulse rate 58 per minute, which is running may cause Hdayahat. Dr Sharma said the doctors also Elbhyumin Baba's urine is also detected. Baba's kidneys have started to fall on the side.
He's been willing to take Baba glucose. Dr Sharma said the evening Baba glucose is likely to be mounted. He said a close associate of Baba, Acharya Balkrishna is stable. Balakrishna He weighs 73.5 kg, blood pressure 124/74 and pulse rate is 74 per minute.



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